vodka vanilla beans.

i first saw this idea on one of my favourite cooking shows which is called ‘barefoot contessa’ and is hosted by ina garten. it’s one of my favourites because i love the look of the area where it is set – east hampton, new york, usa.

the idea is that you let the vanilla beans seep in the vodka for a number of months and then whenever a recipe calls for a vanilla bean you can just slice the end off the seeped bean and all the seeds rush out in the form of the best and most pure vanilla extract. you can also use the vanilla-infused vodka for cocktails.

i always seem to buy vodka in duty-free and it never gets used (and i am really bad at scraping vanilla beans) so this recipe is for me.

i ordered 100g (approx. 25 beans) of vanilla beans from ‘the essential ingredient‘ and put about 22 in the jar with 1L of absolut vodka.

now the waiting begins…

vanilla vodka


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